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New Clients - Read Here First

The following information is included in the "Welcome" e-mail we sent you when the setup of your account completed. If you have lost your "Welcome" e-mail, then you may request another one by contacting us.

Viewing Your Web Site

    You may use either your IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) or your domain name to access/view your account.

    "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" represents a unique number (IP address) that we have assigned for your account. Your IP address was included in the "Welcome" e-mail. All of the following values will work to view your web site via your web browser:

    • www.YourDomainName.com
    • YourDomainName.com
    • xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    NOTE: Use your IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) while waiting for the domain name registration and/or transfer (DNS modifications) to complete.

Login Information

  • User ID: YourDomainName     (Notice that the User ID does not include the ".com" portion of your domain name.)
  • Password: xxxxxxxx     (Your password is typically 8 characters long that you have selected when you originally signed up for service.)
  • You may use SSH (Secure Shell, Protocol Version 2), FTP, Microsoft FrontPage or the Web Control Panel to access your account.

      More info on SSH (Secure Shell) is available here. When using an SSH program, make sure to select Protocol Version 2. Do NOT use Protocol Version 1.

      More info on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is available here.

      More info on Microsoft FrontPage is available here.

      To use your Web Control Panel to access your account, please read here.

Web Control Panel

    The Web Control Panel gives you an easy interface via which to manage and access your account, establish databases, create email (POP) accounts, and many other services. For further info on accessing your Web Control Panel, please read here.

Email Access / Setup

    By default, your account has the following e-mail address, automatically created when your account has completed setup:

    • Default E-Mail Address: YourDomainName@YourDomainName.com
    • Username/Login ID/User ID: YourDomainName
    • Password: xxxxxxxx     (This is the same password as above.)
    • SMTP Mail Server Name: YourDomainName.com
    • POP Mail Server Name: YourDomainName.com

    You may access your e-mail via various methods:

    • Using Squirrelmail (also know as webmail): http://YourDomainName.com/webmail
    • Using an e-mail client of your choice, such as Eudora (Highly Recommended), Netscape Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Firefox Mail and many others.
    • Logging into your account via SSH and using "pine" or "mail"

    In order to reduce the amount of spam e-mail you may receive:

    • We recommend that you use webmail to examine your incoming messages first before downloading them to your e-mail client. By looking at the Sending Addresses and the Subject Headings via your webmail program, you may conveniently delete unnecessary e-mail such as spam before downloading them.
    • To setup and configure your anti-spam settings, login to webmail, click on "Options" and then click on "Spam Filter Configuration".
    • By default, your account is configured with a catch-all e-mail service, meaning that e-mail addressed to AnyNameWhatSoEver@YourDomainName.com will be delievered to your default POP e-mail account: YourDomainName@YourDomainName.com. In order to reduce the amount of spam you may receive, you may want to remove this feature. To remove this feature, login to your Web Control Panel, then click on "Email Forwarding" and follow the directions provided.

    You may create additional e-mail accounts (also known as POP accounts):

      Login to your Web Control Panel (http://YourDomainName.com/cgi-bin/plusmail), then click on "User Manager" and then on "Add User." Follow the directions provided on that page, making sure to supply a new password for the new e-mail account. The new e-mail account will become active in 15 minutes.

    More info on e-mail is available below:

Internet Security Recommendations

    You may wish to review our Internet Security Recommendations here: Internet Security.

    In particular, we highly recommend reviewing the security notes on Email Security.

Support and Help

    Our Support and Help Desk has numerous sections, designed for the purpose of helping you achieve the most from your web hosting account. The following two sections in particular will prove the most helpful as they address the great majority of the technical aspects related to your accounts:

    If you can not find the answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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